Sunday, April 18, 2010

In service for Christ

Wow, what a privilege to be chosen by God to serve in Tanzania, sharing the gospel with those who have never heard. And to love on and serve with the Tanzanians who already love our Lord and Savior just like we do.
To God be all the glory.
Our team met yesterday. Some of us for the first time. We clicked. :) It's going to be awesome.
I will post as I can once we arrive. Please keep us and the trip in your prayers.
Until June. :)


  1. Today you are leaving. I am praying for each of you as you go! God is going to do great and mighty things! Can't wait to see what a impact you all will have for His Kingdom!!!!

  2. Praise the Lord. We are in TANZANIA! Thank you so much for the prayers. We had 2 days of travel. By bus from Nairobi was long, bumpy, as there was lots of road work, and dusty. But by the grace of God our bus was one of the nicer ones. Our Tanzanian brother in Christ, Talian Banda, met us at the airport and made us feel so welcome. We stayed the night in Nairobi. We have been at Mt Meru University for the last 2 nights. Don't picture a university like we have because it's nothing like that. We are at the foot of Mt Meru and it is so beautiful here. Communication is not good though so that is why it has taken me so long to post. We are leaving for Longido today. It is a village where we will be doing some door to door witnessing and inviting people to the Jesus Film we will be showing. It is Maassi area and praying for many lost souls to be saved. Some have never heard the name of Jesus before. Maassi live in the bush so we believe there will be many coming to watch once the word gets around. We will be there till Monday late with no communication. But after that should have access again. Again, thank you for the many prayers. In Christ, Nancy

  3. Praise God. I know God is going to bless the work you are doing and will bless all of you too.
    We are praying everyday (many times) for all of you.
    PS: Oscare is doing great.
    MOM Love ya

  4. So glad to hear that you made it safely. I remember from our trip to Guatemala, that when you say something like university, hotel, restaurant, house... it's not what we are thinking of back here. :)
    Have fun and enjoy every minute of it. ;)
    Praying for awesome results in Tanzania!

  5. Yes, praise the Lord. We were so relieved to finally get word Wednesday that everyone had made it safely. I know was glad to hear something. We miss you. And are definitely praying for you frequently.
    We love you!!

  6. correction. I know dad was glad to hear something!

  7. We are so glad to hear that yall made it! We are praying that God does amazing things where yall are going! We miss you and love you! Can't wait to hear more awesome things that are going on.
    Love you all!
    The phelps family!

  8. Are now in Arusha where we will be spending 3 days, I think. Shopping tomorrow and orphanage on Wed. The rally in Longido was awesome and fruitful.
    We made many friends there. Seemed like leaving family which made it a little sad. The Maasai there are actually churched and there were many brothers and sisters in Christ. I felt like Paul, in the New Testament and we encouraged alot of them. What a blessing that was.
    Films were shown each night in the actual village away from the church and the last night when the Jesus film was shown there were almost 300 people. A lot of them unsaved but we felt the Holy Spirit at work. We have internet cafes here so maybe will get to post more often.
    Thanks soooo much for the prayers. They are greatly appreciated. I ask for prayers for the pastors we have worked with already and their churches. Obediah, whose church is the poorest and asked me at least 5 or 6 times before we left this morning to not forget to pray for them. The other one is Eli and his wife Beatrice and their most gracious congregation. Marv preached at theirs yesterday and Andrew and I gave our testimonies. Bill, Megan and Matthew preached at Obediah's.
    In Christ name,

  9. Sounds amazing! I know God is using all of you to encourage the believers there, and to share God's love with those that don't know Him yet. Praying for their salvation, whether it's now or in the future.
    Thank you for planting seeds!

  10. We are praising God for all of you and how He is blessing your work . I have been praying 1 Cornthians 15:57 and added 58 also. What a Blessing!!!!! Love you all.

  11. Love you Keli, Mom, Susan and Penny!!
    Yesterday we were treated to a tour of the United Nations building. Something very few get to experience. We feel God is treating us. :) It is where they are holding the trials for the Rwanda genocide!!!
    We ate lunch today that was fixed by one of the pastors wife who we are working with. Rice with some kind of meat sauce. The meat looked like it had hair so I didn't eat it. :)
    We are shopping and heading to a christian book store now.
    This morning we made some more gift bags for the orphanage tomorrow.
    Thanks for prayers. Keep em coming. :)

  12. Thanks for the updates, I look forward to them. Glad things are going well. Are you able to check your e-mail?
    Love keli

  13. Sounds like God is giving you all alot of special treats.
    We love to read your up dates. Lots of pray and we miss you Love ya MOM

  14. Have you been taking lots of pix? Have you been able to print them for the mom's?
    I don't know if you're able to take them of the children at the orphanage, but I'm sure they would enjoy pix if you can print them for them.
    Blessings! <3

  15. So glad things are going well. We are still praying for you guys. I love the blog. It's great to hear how God is working as it occurs. Love you guys,

  16. Love Ya and praying for all of you. I am so happy to hear everything is going well. I can't wait to go on my trip, makes me want it more and more. Spreading the good news is what life is about! Praise God.

  17. Haven't heard from you lately but I know God knows where all of you are . And that He is working in your lives and those you are touching. We praise Him and hold you all up in our prayers.
    Love you, MOM

  18. Sorry for not posting sooner. I have tried 2 times that didn't go through. Internet here is not what it is at home. And we don't go to internet cafes often as they are downtown.
    We got back to our hotel yesterday after visiting 3 game parks in 3 days!!!Awesome views, so many animals. We were even "treated" to a lion next to the road eating the head off a zebra she just killed.
    The Tanzanian evangelist and his wife that we took with us wanted to see a cheetah, which is rare. We prayed for that in the morning and God showed 2 to us that afternoon! PTL Our campsite for 2 nights was up on the rim of the rift valley!!!!! I was singing How Great Thou Art the whole time. Tanzania is a beautiful country. And the people are so loving and truly love to see visitors.
    Yesterday we divided into 2 groups as usual to preach. Marv, me and Andrew are together when wee do that. We were at a poor neighborhood church with about 12 or so members. Although a guy passing by looked in, saw a wazoonga (white) man preaching and came to listen. Praise the Lord. One of the songs sung, all in Swahili, was How Great Thou Art. I needed that. :)
    We visited a small church with a primary school this morning. 3-5 year olds I believe. Let them act out Noahs ark, played games and gave gifts. The school is just starting with the plan to reach the parents through the children. They have no supplies yet, just the building. But a young lady who God has called to teach them. Please pray for them. The pastors name is Michael.
    Today we will go back, Marv will preach in an open air crusade and then we will show the Jesus film.
    Susan, God had different plans for my pics. I have taken over 2000 so far though!!
    Keli, I usually don't have time to check email. Just to see if something from dad.
    I love and miss everyone alot. See you all next week.

  19. I'm so glad that you have the hard drive to download them on to! I can't wait to hear your stories and see the pictures!
    GOD IS GREAT! Much love, Susan

  20. Truly God is Great. I was praying we would hear from you today, PTL. I can hardly wait for to get home so we can hear all about it and see your pics. Dad & I Love you all and are praying for you when ever you come to mind.
    Love & prayers, MOM & DAD

  21. We all miss you too. And can't wait for you to get home. Excited to hear details and see picts.
    I sent you an e-mail from dad. Penny and I have been looking after him and Ben has been staying the night alot too give him company:)
    Love you.

  22. Open air crusade led to the primary teacher being saved last night. she doesn't want to tell since they all thought she already was. please pray for courage as her brother also accepted christ but was afraid to make it known. Will be at 3 sisters hostel outside of arusha till we leave on monday. all is well. God is working. we will get time at more places to share this week. computer time is up so thanks for prayers,

  23. Good to hear from you. PTL and we will be praying for courage for the teacher and her brother. Love with lots of prayer.

  24. These last 2 days have been spent going Boma to Boma (homes made of mud, sticks and rocks)out in the country spreading the gospel. We have seen 50 people total won to Christ. Today our group felt some of the animosity some have towards christians. Or maybe it was just that we had entered a Boma without the husbands permission. We prayed with his wife as she said that he wouldn't allow her or her children to attend church anywhere. As we were leaving we were confronted and "asked" to sit outside with him. He then proceeded to chew us out! Big time. I was sitting right next to him looking at the large machete/knife he had around his waist and praying he would let us leave peaceably. :) Our translator tried to ask his forgiveness but he wasn't having any of it. He said that what he would like to do was beat us with a stick. We had a Tz friend with us. Milka. She is the daughter that was on safari with us. The translator asked her to talk to him. She is small but was very brave and looked him straight in the eye and was very bold. He told her she wasn't right in the head and to be quiet. Anyway, as you may have guessed he let us go with only a stern warning to ask him next time. The next place we prayed with a woman, without a husband, who was blind. She was so thankful for God sending us to her. The last was a young man who was very receptive and prayed to receive Christ. Then he asked us to share with his wife. She also prayed to receive Christ. Then he asked us to pray for his 2nd wife! She accepted Christ as well! They had a Bible so we encouraged them to study it to know how God wants them to live and bring praise to Him. It was a good day. We are now at Mt Meru Univ. as they are serving us dinner. Keep praying. For the people who are newly saved as well. Much thanks and love. In Christ. Nancy

  25. It's so great to read over these posts, Nancy! I guess you all are headed home soon but I will pray for the remainder of your time there and your travels home as well. Who knows who you will encounter along the way who will be touched to hear these stories! Godspeed to the team - sounds like an amazing adventure! Keri

  26. I can't wait for you to be home safe and sound. Please let me know when you get home. Praying for safe travels home.

  27. Thanks for prayers. How's married life Keri? :) I have thought of you more than once.
    We leave for Nairobi, Kenya on Monday morning. The drive between here and there is rough by bus so prayers are appreciated. :) We stay at a hotel. Then I think we will be lunching with some missionary friends of Bills on Tuesday. That will help make the day go by as we don't leave for London till 11:40 PM!!
    Today is shopping and tomorrow the last church we have plans to be at.
    We have had an amazing time here and seen God at work but we are all ready to be back in America with our families. We all feel blessed to be Americans, and have a new appreciation for our homeland. :)

  28. Married life has been wonderful! We really make a great team! I'll be happy to have you home in just a few more days so we can chat more about everything!

  29. I knew there reasons why I prayed for all of you often PLT We will be Thankful when you all are home again. Love ya,

  30. So, by the grace of God we are back home in the US. I thought I appreciated all God has blessed me with. Now it is a "true" appreciation. I am so glad to be back home. God did a wonderful work in Tanzania and we made many new friends. Thank you all for all the prayers. And for keeping tabs on our trip. God bless. I will be posting some pics on fb as soon as I can. It's time for a nap now though. :)